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Grow, Lead, Thrive, Inspire. An Initiative of Docs in Leadership, Founded by Dr. Nina Ahuja, M.D.

Why the MindfulMed Online Community?

Joining the MindfulMed Online Community, an initiative of Docs in Leadership, goes beyond a professional choice; it's an entry into a warm and welcoming network dedicated to collaboration, well-being, and excellence in patient care. Our inter-professional community is meticulously crafted to enrich your career and personal growth. We bring together medical trainees, physicians, healthcare professionals and leaders, focusing on enhancing emotional intelligence, stress management, and leadership skills. Our goal is to foster positive working and learning environments where all healthcare professionals can thrive.

The Results You'll Get

Our community, courses, and memberships are pretty special. We’re focused on the ways they will make a huge difference in your life, both professionally and personally. As a member of the MindfulMed Online Community, you'll experience transformative growth and connection:

  • Enhance Your Inner Strength: Dive into expert-led discussions and workshops where you'll not only improve your emotional intelligence and stress management skills but also discover new ways to navigate challenges with resilience and poise.

  • Become a Leader Who Inspires: Develop your leadership skills in a way that resonates with your personal values. Learn to create and sustain positive working and learning environments that reflect your vision of effective and compassionate healthcare.

  • Connect on a Deeper Level: Join a community of like-minded healthcare professionals where every interaction is an opportunity to learn, grow, and support each other. Together, you'll build a network that not only champions well-being but also sets new standards in patient care.

When You Join Today

When you join the MindfulMed Online Community today, you’ll get access to our:

  • Growing Community of Medical Trainees, Physicians and Fellow Healthcare Professionals (HCPs): Share your experiences and exchange ideas with peers and colleagues from various career stages. Build meaningful connections with mentors and partners who offer accountability and support throughout your professional journey. Discover effective strategies from fellow members tackling their own challenges and stresses. By fostering a culture of mutual support and encouragement, you'll be part of a robust network that enhances your capacity to adapt, persevere, and achieve success. 
  • Live Interactive Meet Ups for Medical Trainees: These informal monthly sessions are specifically tailored for medical trainees seeking a comfortable, judgment-free environment to relax, share stories, connect, and seek mentorship. Led by Dr. Ahuja with her extensive experience in medical education, they offer a unique opportunity to ask questions and gain guidance without fear of judgment. More than just another item on your agenda, these meet-ups are valuable touchpoints in your medical journey, providing clarity, support, and a reminder that you are not alone. They're a chance to recharge and return to your studies feeling lighter, more focused, and part of a supportive community. While attending these sessions live offers the most benefit, they are also recorded and made available for on-demand viewing in the MindfulMed replay library for Medical Trainee members.
  • Live Interactive Discussions for HCPs, Faculty & Leaders: Dr. Ahuja leads and facilitates our bi-monthly live sessions that address everyday challenges faced in healthcare. These interactive sessions explore best practices and focus on emotional intelligence and leadership development. Participants are encouraged to actively engage, share perspectives, and seek answers in a supportive professional setting. These enriching discussions are designed to enhance your resilience against workplace stress and foster improvements in both your professional performance and personal life.
  • Reduced Registration Fees for Special Events: In addition to your group-specific membership in the MindfulMed Community (free for medical trainees), we offer exclusive access to special events and workshops. These are designed to bolster your success and further develop your skills in emotional intelligence, stress management, and leadership. They leave you feeling prepared and well-equipped to achieve your goals with confidence and well-being.

Meet Your Host, Dr. Nina Ahuja, M.D.

Having struggled in med school herself, Dr. Ahuja understands the challenges and stresses of medical education - how to prepare for them, how to conquer them, and how to have a successful and fulfilling career. In practice since 2003, Dr. Ahuja is a surgeon, award winning medical educator, national academic leader, bestselling author, certified health executive, certified emotional intelligence instructor, founder of Docs in Leadership, and creator and host of MindfulMed. She brings a multitude of expertise and experiences to her mentorship and initiatives including academic and clinical leadership positions, active and past:

  • National Specialty Certification Examiner, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (Active)
  • President, Association of Canadian University Professors of Ophthalmology
  • Academic Division Head, Ophthalmology, McMaster University
  • Residency Program Director, Ophthalmology, McMaster University
  • Member, Board of Directors, St. Joseph's Healthcare Foundation (Active)
  • President, Medical Staff Association, St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton
  • Member, Joint Board of Governors, St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton 
  • Member, Medical Advisory Committee, St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton

"Enhancing healthcare leadership and well-being with a focus on emotional intelligence is central to my mission. In MindfulMed, this commitment is realized through a supportive and collaborative community, offering mentorship and professional growth opportunities for all of our members." - Dr. Nina Ahuja

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Embrace the opportunity be part of a growing collaborative network where lasting friendships, mutual support, and shared victories thrive; a space where exchanging ideas and experiences fosters future collaborations and a collective journey towards excellence in healthcare. We look forward to welcoming you!